ATK EXPRESS LLP comprehends the significance of securing the protection of clients of the ATK Express site The data gathered on the ATK Express site is utilized to advertise and improve the administrations of DTDC and ATK Express.

ATK Express and its parent organization DTDC never shares any data got on or from the ATK and DTDC site with some other association, and won't do as such in future, except if legally necessary. We won't sell data got through our sites to any gathering or gatherings.

The ATK site login right now furnishes clients with admittance to Tracking (diverted at DTDC Page), Location Finder, Create Shipment and Request Pickup by filling enquiry structure. Later on, we may add different highlights to those got to through the ATK site Login.

Certain shipment information will be given to the specialists of the nation of travel or objective for customs and duty freedom or for security screening, as needed by the laws of such country. The data gave would generally include: transporter name and address, collector name and address, portrayal of the merchandise, number of pieces, weight and worth of shipment.

For more data on this Privacy Policy, kindly refer to the nitty gritty area on the privacy policy beneath.

  • 1 Manner of utilization of the client data gathered on the ATK Express and parent organization DTDC's site

    The data gathered through the site webpage assists us with distinguishing the kind of site content the clients esteem most. ATK utilizes this data to send you email notices about updates to the ATK site, and to contact the clients by different methods for showcasing and different purposes. Our approach is to not give, sell or in any case disseminate the data gathered through this webpage to outsiders outside of ATK Express and its auxiliaries (except if legally necessary); gave, however, sometimes the parent organization, DTDC may utilize suppliers to help DTDC in gathering, utilizing or in any case handling for DTDC's advantage the data got through the DTDC or ATK site. DTDC's training requires its providers to direct such exercises predictable with this strategy and DTDC's prerequisites of keeping up protection of DTDC's clients.

    False Email Alert: You might be getting reports of deceitful messages with the headlines "Transportation Conformation," "Confirm Info," Promotion endowments and checks" "Some significant data is missing" and "Please fulfill the documents attached to verify your identity." The false email may have an appended record that may contain a virus or other malware.
    On the off chance that you get a message coordinating with this depiction beneath, don't open the email and contact us.
    DTDC and ATK Express does not request, via unsolicited mail or e-mail, payment or personal information in return for goods in transit or in DTDC custody. On the off chance that the false email brought about monetary misfortune you your banking institution immediately through the appropriate channels. ATK Express isn't answerable for any charges or costs brought about because of unapproved or false action that manhandles the ATK Express name, administration imprints and logos.

Regular Warning Signs of Online Scams:

  • Unexpected requests for money in return for delivery of a package, gifts from a promotion company, often with a sense of urgency.
  • Requests for personal and/or financial information.
  • Links to incorrectly spelled or marginally modified Web-webpage addresses (ATK, Com, AT-, ATK EXP Inc..etc.)
  • Spelling and syntactic mistakes or excessive use of capitalization and exclamation points.

For Corporate Tie-ups

  • We also do corporate tie-ups on credit basis.
  • Regular pickups are done from the decided pickup points.
  • If needed a Key Account Manager is assigned to the client.
  • Maximum credit limit is 20 days.
  • Invoice are shared on monthly basis and payment are collected as per credit period.
  • Incase if the client fails to pay the payment in the given credit period and also failed its commitment to pay post the credit period then the client is charged 24% interest on the entire outstanding amount.
  • Incase if insurance is not opted then ATK Express and DTDC are not liable for any kind of compensation
  • An agreement is signed between ATK Express and the client, minimum for 12 months.
  • The rates and other conditions of the agreement are generally revised by ATK Express at the time of the renewal of the agreement however ATK Express holds the rights to revise any term or condition of the agreement at even given point in a year.

Contact Details:
The registered office of ATK Express is:
Office No.2 Darpan Appartment,
Sanghvinagar Opp. Bank of Maharashtra,
Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411 067

Users can also write to ATK for support at its email address:
ATK reserves the right to amend the above given Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy at any time with or without notice.
The use of the DTDC and ATK website constitutes a user’s agreement to this Privacy Policy.